Scientific cooperation and support

Feb 17, 2017
The first step of a long-term cooperation with Ukrainian greatest minds was made. A letter of intent was signed with Head of the department of pattern recognition of international scientific and educational center of information technologies and systems NAS of Ukraine, Ph.D. Matsello Vyacheslav and a member of the International Research and Training Center for Information Technologies and Systems of NAS of Ukraine, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Michael Schlesinger. The purpose of our cooperation is to support and develop the IT science in Ukraine, specifically areas of artificial intelligence, machine learning and object recognition by improving the curricular environment of students, namely providing modern necessary equipment, launching fellowship programs and conducting joint research and more.
Kira Rudik, COO, “This is a start of a great program of supporting scientific projects, universities, and science development in general. Now the first brick is laid, many other will follow. We hope this cooperation will improve the quality of AI research and education in Ukraine and give a chance to scientists and young talents to concentrate on the research to provide great and impressive results in the field of artificial intelligence in the nearest future.”