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  • March 23
    Welcome to Ring Ukraine Day in Lviv

    We are pleased to announce our first ever event in Lviv, which will take place on March 23rd!
    This event will be a symbiosis of educational and hiring, where you may receive a job offer on the spot.
    You will get the chance to hear from some of our influential leaders from Embedded, Research, and QA Automation teams.
    Kira Rudik (CEO of Ring Ukraine) will share the story of success, rapid growth and how this was all made possible.
    Oleg Boguslavskiy (General Manager of the Engineering team) will speak about the technical details of our products.
    Sergiy Kuprienko (Director of Research) will share our experience with Computer Vision.
    Within the same day, you will have the opportunity to be interviewed and possibly receive a job offer from Ring Ukraine.
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