Smart Security

Ring Ukraine Logo
We are an innovative research and product development team committed to creating state-of-the-art smart home security systems.

We are...

  • researchers and developers
    who use pioneering technologies to make the world a safer place
  • proud of solving challenging tasks
    and that the results of our excellent achievements are deployed for countless Ring devices worldwide
  • driven by Ring’s mission:


We are the largest research and product development center in Ukraine.
Also, the product team strives diligently for software and hardware development.

Ring Core
Our team is responsible for driving all parts of the Ring smart home and home security solutions throughout production. Quality is our priority, performance is our passion, reliability is our philosophy.

Here, at Ring Core, we cover firmware and application development, hardware verification, QA automation and manual testing. In addition, we take on some parts of high-load backend solutions (with peak load of 200K+ calls per minute on holidays like Halloween, Black Friday or Christmas, and petabytes of stored videos).

Also, we focus on driving all Ring Research projects and PoCs to production. We work closely with L1 (basic issues) and L2 (technical) customer support to address all complex corner cases reported by millions of Ring users.
Ring Research
Ring Research
We create state-of-the-art neural networks to reduce crime in neighborhoods.

We have the best Image Quality laboratory in Europe.

Our Lab is equipped with all top notch gear to deliver supremacy and professional results in image quality testing and improvement. We work on image processing, optimization and improving image processing algorithms.

Our equipment allows to measure and analyze image quality: sharpness distortion, noise dynamic range, lateral chromatic aberrations, tonal response.
Neighborhoods Team
Ring Community
With a highly professional team of moderators and machine learning implementation specialists, we help to observe patterns of criminal behavior all around the world and play a major role in crime reduction.
Annotation Team
Ring Community
Here we provide data for the neural network, to teach it to recognize not only objects, but also movement patterns that will be used in crime fighting.
Ring Community
Ring Community
We ensure that all of our various devices are working correctly and the community enjoying their Ring experience.
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3 persons Aug, 2016

Ring Ukraine started out with 3 people on board in August 2016.

  • Sep, 2016
  • Nov, 2016
  • Feb, 2017
  • Jun, 2017
900+ People at our team Now

We are more than 900 people, and keep growing.

We are pleased to have the champions of ACM olympiads in our team.
  • USA Today
    Top 10 Tech Innovations

    Named one of USA Today's Top 10 Tech Innovations of 2015, the Ring Video Doorbell is a unique security solution that enables homeowners to keep an eye on and protect their homes from anywhere

  • 55%
    Reduced burglaries

    With the Ring products, burglaries were reduced by 55% at the Wilshire Park Neighborhood, USA

  • 900+MM
    Recorded events

    Ring Ukraine training data consists of millions of videos, and the results of our work are deployed for millions of devices worldwide